Web Chats

Web TV offers brands the opportunity to engage with specific target audiences online.

Content (web chat) can be broadcast live (or as-live) simultaneously across leading ISPs, consumer or B2B-related web sites.
Programmes are normally sofa-based, ‘chat show style’ and led by a professional presenter. The ideal length for these broadcasts is usually around 15 minutes, especially when dedicated to one specific subject.

4mediarelations can take care of everything from cueing-in pre-edited video b-roll to taking viewers’ questions. All questions are always screened by our moderators.

As important as it is to encourage people to watch programmes, it’s also essential to make sure your key messages are clear on the site’s pre-promotional material when trailing the programme. With this in mind, we create a digital press kit (built in HTML) to support the show. This digital press kit contains details of the campaign, engaging imagery, photos of guests or products, campaign logos and links through to specific websites.