Our experienced radio specialists bring a wealth of experience, contacts and creativity to our broadcast PR campaigns, ensuring our clients’ messages and branding achieves the widest possible media reach.

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Why Radio?

Radio PR

Even in the digital age, more than 48 million British adults listen to the radio each week, providing a huge potential audience just waiting to be tapped into. With more than half of UK households already owning a DAB receiver, and that figure rising every day, the potential for brand exposure over the airwaves is as great as it ever has been.

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Radio days

ISDN-line interviews

The cutting-edge ISDN line in our in-house Central London studios allow us to conduct live crystal clear interviews with radio broadcasters up and down the UK, allowing us to maintain brand message consistency and push the campaign reach boundaries.

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Outside broadcasts

Spread your message from anywhere

We offer a modern, innovative approach to outside broadcast. Underpinned by our state-of-the-art equipment, managed by our expert crew, we can help you set up a stable station which enables you to broadcast live around the world from any event.

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Audio features

Pre-recorded radio

An audio feature allows our clients to pre-approve and pre-record a piece of brand messaging, which we then distribute to over 150 radio stations across the UK. Pre-recording audio ensures your messaging is 100% controlled and guaranteed to gain attention.

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Radio competitions

Publicise your campaign

Competitions are an excellent way of positioning your brand in front of your key audience, and we at 4mediarelations provide a full competition service from brief to prize delivery. Our in-house team balance efficiency and creativity to ensure your brand message remains firmly in the spotlight.

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Product reviews

Get to the heart of the matter

Presenters and listeners alike respond to products, gadgets and gift being tested and reviewed live on air. We will organise the product review process from start to finish - ensuring your brand will be delivered into the right hands, building brand buzz and securing vital coverage.

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From our studio to your device

Podcasting is one of the fastest-growing ways that brands are building a direct line to their target audience, producing regular engaging content which is downloaded automatically to their mobile device. Our exceptional radio production facilities allow us to provide a full podcasting service.

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