Our experiential department delivers exciting and disruptive campaigns that capture the imagination, deliver headlines and inspire people to take action.

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Why Experiential?

Experiential PR

In a noisy world full of content, experiential PR has become a key facet of integrated digital campaigns as consumers increasingly crave interaction from the brands they love.

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Large scale brand experience

Create cut through

We aim to rise above the clutter and execute experiences that meet the client business need and objective. Our skills include: concept and creative, strategy, production and build management, logistics, staffing, amplification and broadcast, script and treatment, development and ROI.

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Changing perceptions

By placing your product in the hands of the customer, you have the power to change perceptions and drive trial. A successful campaign can work wonders for brand awareness and word of mouth marketing.

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Festival experiences

Re-invent the brand experience

Festivals are the perfect environment for brands to communicate their message and generate buzz around their products. You have the opportunity to become part of the 'festival story' by creating meaningful experiences that customers will remember, enhancing brand loyalty.

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Road shows

Propel your brand

From movie launches to product demos, make customers stop and stare with impactful road shows. Clearer, more targeted communication delivers richer experiences and a lasting brand impression.

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Product launches

Engaging stories

Launch your new product successfully with demo briefings and news coverage. We conceive and deliver unique launches by telling a captivating story and targeting the correct media.

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PR stunts

Make the right noise

We turn customers into fans by staging shareable events and experiences that bring brands to life and builds lasting relationships with a new generation of customers.

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