Why TV?

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PR campaigns broadcast across television media have the potential to reach millions of people.

Not only does TV reach traditional home viewers, but the advent of digital technologies has enabled channels to grasp previously untapped audiences. Today, whether we’re sitting on the sofa, at our desks or on the train, we’re all within a click’s reach of our favourite programmes, but getting people’s attention has never been more of a challenge. Finding the right story for both news and lifestyle requires industry know-how and strategic planning.

According to BARB statistics – the UK’s official source of television viewing figures – 96% of households own a TV and 2.4% of households have broadband but no TV. That leaves a meagre 1.6% of households in the UK with no access to television programmes, which is a dot on an otherwise vast landscape of potential viewers. In 2012, there were 579 shows with an audience of more than eight million, and news channels always feature in the most-watched television programmes, grabbing millions of viewers daily.

Television is an incredibly exciting medium from a PR perspective. Here are a few reasons why TV should be part of your PR considerations:

  • TV has the reach

It’s difficult to measure TV audiences in an era of catch-up TV and new digital audiences, but what is for sure is that television programmes are achieving a greater reach than ever. Almost 99% of households in the UK have a TV or a broadband connection, with hundreds of broadcasts regularly peaking at over 8 million viewers.

  • TV reaches consumers and builds brands

Television offers one of the most direct routes to British consumers, informing them of new products, services and ideas. Not only can it gain exposure for new offerings, it can also bolster a brand’s position within certain key markets and alter consumer perceptions through strategic public relations campaigns.

  • TV has authority

In today’s digital age, you can find information almost anywhere. Consumers are constantly subjected to branded messages throughout their day, which is why it’s so important to ensure your messages are heard. Television offers a level of authority seldom seen elsewhere. TV viewers trust broadcast brand messages because they have been verified, produced and crafted by professionals.

  • TV inspires

Television is a fantastic educational tool. Brands have the opportunity to ‘build’ campaigns on the TV by strategically advancing these educational characteristics. For new product launches and fresh ideas; ‘informing’ is ‘familiarising’.

  • TV embraces the digital age

Television has long been one of the most responsive platforms for digital developments. Viewers have more options concerning how they consume television than ever before, and a wealth of channels which have sprung-up as a result.