Key Performance Indices Explained

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At 4mediarelations, we know that what can’t be measured doesn’t exist, and that is why we supply all of our clients with comprehensive coverage reports and a full list of individually calculated KPIs to provide a vital insight into how your campaign made its mark.

Audience Reach

This corresponds to the estimated number of people your campaign found its way to as a result of 4mediarelations’s hard work and innovation.

We take the average listenership or audience of each individual item of coverage which we secure through our seeding and sell-in activities, cross-reference it with the amount of time the story ran for on each to calculate the total reach.

Total items of Coverage

We draft a comprehensive list of every single media source who feature the campaign in question, including everything from radio and TV interviews to pre-recorded features and online competitions.

In addition to this list, as part of our custom-made coverage report, we also provide a full regional overage map which shows you exactly where your messages had the largest impact and which parts of the UK were transfixed by our campaign.

Total Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE)

This figure corresponds to the monetary cost that the same amount of coverage would cost if achieved through advertising. This is calculated against average value of advertising space and broadcast time.

PR Value

This figure is the total monetary value of the media outlets which ran your story. For example, the values ascribed to radio stations are calculated by taking RAJAR listenership figures and determining a relative value figure. So four items of coverage on national stations with a PR Value of £100,000 would deliver a total campaign value of £400,000.