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Client Challenge

Financial services provider Scottish Friendly and PR agency MRM approached 4mediarelations with the aim of publicising the financial advice and services they offer younger customers, armed with fascinating research figures revealing the entrepreneurial nature of British kids. The research revealed that UK children were collectively earning over £1.8 billion every year, with over 80,000 kids earning over £100 a month through jobs such as car washing, babysitting and gardening. These insights gave 4mediarelations the perfect springboard to craft a newsworthy broadcast campaign that would achieve excellent media coverage.

The Campaign

4mediarelations organised a radio day in May 2015, conducted out of our in-house studio, with Scottish Friendly
Communications Manager Calum Bennie as the spokesperson.

The account managers and creative team crafted a news story centring on the emerging entrepreneurial spirit of Britain’s younger generation, and whether this enterprise meant there was a need for greater financial education in UK schools. This hook allowed Calum to outline the financial advice and services that Scottish Friendly offer to younger savers, allowing them to spend their growing income wisely.

The result of the campaign was excellent coverage for the company across major media outlets up-and-down the UK,
shining a spotlight on what services are available and bringing them to the forefront of the daily news agenda.


Coverage Included

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