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4media Group recently worked with More Th>n to promote the findings of their Future of Pet Ownership Report.

The campaign featured broadcast, research and design elements and looked at how much the nation spends on its four legged friends.

The Campaign

The report produced in partnership with our research division, Atomik Research, featured research from over 1,000 pet owners and looked at pet ownership, our relationship with our pets and the money we spend on them.

The research revealed an overwhelming love for our pets and a firm belief that having a pet is good for you. 4 in 5 pet owners described their dog or cat as part of their family and almost one in four would go as far as describing them as ‘their fury baby’.

The research also found that 3 in 5 say their pet makes them feel happier and over half say they offer real companionship and make them feel more relaxed.

It was also revealed that dog owners spend more than cat owners overall, spending £240 a month compared to just £100. This was across all areas with dog owners spending £58 on food compared to just £36 for cats. Canine grooming also cost more are £29 compared to a minute £6 for their feline equivalent.

Younger people spent more parting with £74 a month on treats and £70 on grooming, compared with those aged 45 or over spending £15 and £10 respectively.

The radio day was fronted by Dr Sam Gaines, Head of Companion Animals at the RSPCA and More Th>n’s Andrew Moore.


The campaign secured 12 items of coverage with highlights including 4 BBC radio stations; BBC Leeds, BBC Norfolk, BBC Lancashire and BBC Hereford and Worcester.

More Than Radio Day Summary of Success

Coverage Included

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