PS4 Live Launch

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Client Challenge

4mediarelations broadcast gaming history live on Friday 29th November as the PlayStation 4 was launched in Covent Garden in spectacular fashion. A live stream of the event was broadcast online featuring a host of celebrities, gaming fanatics and experts in an attempt to capture the atmosphere experienced by hundreds of people on the night and project it to thousands of people around the world.

The Campaign

The PS4 was launched in Covent Garden in one of the most eagerly anticipated technology releases of the decade. To mark the occasion, Sony opened the PS4 Lounge where gaming experts, celebrities and lucky VIPs could experience the new console before it was officially put on sale at midnight. Having already featured their symbolic ‘X, Circle, Triangle and Square’ icons onto the side of the OXO Tower, all eyes were on central London for the official launch.

In the run up to the event, 4mediarelations worked tirelessly to ensure this momentous occasion received the attention it deserved, securing a wide-range of coverage across national TV, BBC and commercial radio stations, websites and publications from across the country which ran with the story.

Live Streaming

PlayStation’s YouTube channel featured live coverage from the event provided by the 4mediarelations team. More than 33,000 viewers watched the channel on the night, with a full schedule of interviews, game coverage and opinion from gaming experts.


The 4mediarelations film crew was utilised in the weeks running up to the launch to capture b-roll of the PS4 lounge, which had been set up to give lucky gamers and celebrities the first glimpse of the new console. Videos of Amir Khan, Aaron Ramsey, Tinie Tempah and Dizzie Rascal were all recorded along with footage of the lounge and in-play action.

Radio Day

We invited independent gaming expert and member of BAFTA Games Guy Cocker into our studio ahead of the launch who spoke to stations such as BBC Radio 5 Live about the launch of the PS4 and some of its most exciting features.


Coverage Included

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