Parkinson’s UK: We Won’t Wait

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4mediarelations were approached by one of the UK’s leading Parkinson’s disease charities, Parkinson’s UK to assist in spreading the message of their upcoming ‘We Won’t Wait’ campaign.

The most well-known and common medication used in the fight against Parkinson’s hasn’t changed in the past 50 years – utilising this fact was key to both Parkinson’s UK’s messaging and the strategy employed by the teams within 4mediarelations tasked with ensuring this message was heard across the country.

The Campaign

The 4mediarelations media team has a well-practiced pedigree when it comes to handling charity story with the reverence and respect they deserve.

This translates to a smooth process when contacting and booking in the larger regional radio outlets across the UK as well as certain national outlets.

This expertise is never more apparent than with stories such as this one – with the treatment for Parkinson’s disease having remained unchanged for 50 years.

Pitching localised case studies alongside some of the strongest spokespeople available on the matter, the number of items of coverage is virtually guaranteed – but ensuring the quality is of the highest available becomes the real challenge, which the media team handled with a deft ability.


By highlighting the prominence of the issue within the UK, the media team generated 10+ regional BBC interviews alongside a raft of local, commercial interviews.

BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio One also picked up one the story, with the latter creating a showpiece story on their website.


Coverage Included


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