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4media Group recently worked with Admiral Car Insurance to promote the findings of their recent research in to car share etiquette.

While Brits are viewed as a rather polite bunch, who will hold the door open for someone and ensure we say please and thank you, we’ve apparently still not mastered offering to pay for a lift.

The campaign was fronted by Grant Harold – also known as The Royal Butler, former Butler for HRH Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

The Campaign

Research for Admiral, run by our in-house research division, Atomik Research, revealed that 80% of drivers surveyed said that they give friends, colleagues, family members and neighbours regular lifts, yet 43% haven’t been offered any money in return and 27% have actually fallen out with somebody who didn’t pay their way

73% of drivers say that colleagues don’t offer to pay, while 72% of drivers say their friends don’t offer either. Siblings, as expected, don’t offer to pay according to 85% of drivers – but even during the school round 78% of drivers say that the other child’s parents don’t usually offer.

While drivers like to complain about not being offered money, only 7% would actually broach the subject with the person they’re giving a lift to as 63% admitted that they would feel uncomfortable or awkward doing so.

And it’s not just finance where our lift etiquette seems to be lacking – top pet hates of drivers include smoking or vaping (55%), people leaving a mess (53%) and even being forced to make small talk (34%).


The campaign was a huge success with a full day of broadcast interviews. The broadcast day featured 56 interviews, including 46 BBC Radios such as BBC Sussex and Surrey, BBC Leeds, BBC Hereford and Worcester and the entire Georgie Spanswick syndicate network! The campaign also secured coverage on Heart Sussex as well as other commercial radio stations.


Coverage Included

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