Working out: How Young Is Too Young?

Cruz Beckham saw backlash in the media this week after he posted a picture to Instagram of him lifting weights at the gym.

Atomik Research asked the nation to “weigh in” on their thoughts on when was an appropriate age to begin working out, take a look at our infographic below for the results!

The 12-year-old and youngest son of David and Victoria Beckham caused a stir from followers who deemed this type of activity too young for someone his age group. We asked the nation their thoughts on the matter and whether they agreed or disagreed with this notion.

In an online survey of 1008 UK adults, it seems that nearly half of the nation (42%) think that age 12 is in fact too young to be working out, including the 25% who would think even age 14-16 is too young.

However, on the reverse side, 28% of those questioned say its irresponsible parenting to kids to be in the gym as children’s bodies are still developing and growing. 33% say it’s positive in comparison to the high levels of childhood obesity and 26% think it’s normal and healthy and children should be physically active.

Women and older adults are most likely to think it’s irresponsible parenting while men and young adults are most likely to think it’s normal or better than kids becoming overweight or obese.

With a nation so clearly divided on the matter, have your say? Physical activity like this on this age group is detrimental to growth and development?

*Based on online survey of 1008 UK Adults


Cruz Beckham’s post to Instagram



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