NFL Returns to Wembley

The NFL returns to Wembley on Sunday in one of three games to be played on British soil this year. The renowned Miami Dolphins take on California’s Oakland Raiders at Wembley this weekend and we had Raiders legend and broadcaster Lincoln Kennedy in the 4mediarelations studio to discuss the upcoming games and sports tourism.

Travelling over from California, the Oakland Raiders are renowned for their strong following with their home stadium dubbed the ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Raider Nation’ in reference to the swarms of supporters who turn out donning their black Raiders jerseys. But football isn’t the only sport the folk in Oakland go crazy for, with two hugely successful professional sports teams in baseball and basketball. What’s more, in recent years Oakland has gained national recognition as a travel destination, named the top North American city to visit in 2012.

We invited Raiders legend, former offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy into the studio to talk about his eight-year stint at Oakland and sports tourism. The radio day got great coverage with BBC London taking an interview on the breakfast show along with XFM Manchester and a host of other BBC regional and commercial stations.


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