Neil Oliver speaks to BBC Breakfast from Western Australia


October 25th 2016 marked the 400th anniversary of the first European landing in Australia, as Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog stumbled across Shark Bay in Western Australia years before Captain Cook ‘found’ the great Southern continent.

So to mark this momentous occasion, 4mediarelations teamed-up with Tourism Western Australia to broadcast live from the very spot where the West first came into contact with this great nation, with historian and BBC Coast presenter Neil Oliver on-hand as a spokesperson.

Neil explored the history of this historic area and its significance in the cultural landscape of Australia, generating huge media interest. The highlight was a live TV interview link-up with Neil by BBC Breakfast on Saturday 21st October, reaching millions of eyes and ears across the UK on one of the country’s biggest news programmes.

Our production team were on the ground at Shark Bay to manage the TV production, while also coordinating radio interviews from a local ISDN studio.

The campaign was also covered on eight BBC radio stations, who interviewed Neil via live ISDN link the day before from the other side of the world. The campaign marked one of the most important moments in Australian history, while also heralding our first foray into cross-continental broadcast link-up, a huge milestone in our history.

By Jamie Stanley


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