Just Another Day in Paradise

Vishal Gadhavi, Associate Director at 4mediarelations, reflects over his most recent campaign in the real-life paradise that is the Seychelles and why it was more than just sunshine and beaches:

As a broadcast agency, we’re fortunate to work on and be a part of some amazing campaigns that aim to effect positive change and influence people’s opinions and actions. One such campaign was the recent ‘coral conservation campaign’ we worked on with the Seychelles Tourist Board in partnership with WiseOceans.

The campaign focussed on the great risk the world’s coral reefs are facing, with startling research showing that more than 90% of them, including Great Britain’s (yes, we have coral too!), will be all but dead by 2050. The impact of this would be catastrophic; the death of millions of species of fish and other marine life, the destruction of people’s livelihoods and a devastating impact on tourism. But in the face of coral bleaching and increases in water temperature caused by global warming, nothing was being done to change this trend.

Until now. The Seychelles Tourist Board, working with WiseOceans and their highly skilled marine biologists from around the world, launched a restoration project which will see new coral reefs grown to provide a new home for underwater species as part of a trial. The goal is to grow one hectare, roughly the size of a rugby pitch, of coral reef by transplanting 16,000 coral fragments. Not only does the campaign aim to encourage people to reduce their carbon footprint and move over to single-use plastics, but aims to encourage other countries around the world to follow suit in a bid to save our coral reefs. Ambitious? Yes. Impossible? No.


A team from the 4Media Group flew to the Seychelles (cue: an office full of jealous colleagues) to conduct an outside broadcast of back to back radio interviews LIVE from the very place the restoration project was taking place. It was a huge privilege to be a part of this campaign and do our bit to spread awareness – the campaign secured a reach of more than 30 million, helping to communicate the message that coral reefs are not just pretty, brightly coloured backdrops of GoPro-packed tropical snorkelling holidays but are in fact a vital element to our ocean ecosystems that should be protected at all costs.

For more information on this campaign an initiative please visit www.wiseoceans.com



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