iPhone 8 release proves the decline of the ‘Brand Snob’

The run-up to the release of the iPhone 8 had tech junkies buzzing with excitement waiting for the official launch.

However, various outlets are reporting this latest release to be one of the most disappointing launches since the first iPhone. A “crowd” of around a dozen people queued outside London’s flagship store on Regent’s Street, a far cry from the hundreds of overnight campers that would turn up year after year.

Some will argue that Apple’s push for online sales could be responsible for a downturn in store footfall, or that the launch of the iPhone X is where the real hype will be, but this got us thinking at the 4media Group. Are we blind brand followers or is this changing as we become more aware of price and choice?

We all know or have seen someone like this; you know, the guy that sits opposite you with his Mac book, iPhone, iPad demonstrating how he can make calls at the gym on his Apple Watch. He isn’t a graphic designer. He doesn’t understand how half of the features work, yet would never think of betraying his brand loyalty. Now, this may just be our overly-stereotypical perception but, perhaps people like this are more open-minded to the next best thing than we think. We wanted to put it to the test, using mobile phones as an example.

Our sister company, Atomik Research conducted a quick poll to see what the public thought when it came to finding the perfect handset. It turns out that over a quarter of people polled (28%) are only loyal to an extent, they may lean towards their brand of preference but also want to ensure they have shopped around for the best deal.

22% of people admitted they were not brand loyal at all, in that their choice of handset is based purely on value for money or their chosen model’s availability.

Just 19% of people admitted to being a ‘Brand Snob’, but only when they needed a new phone.

Interestingly, only 10% of people are so brand loyal that they would buy a new model of phone if their brand releases it; is this the death knell of pop-up campsites outside Apple Stores?

While this research does only reflect mobile phone trends, the real crux of the question is, have trends in purchasing changed? The upturn in comparison sites, for all things from holidays to insurance, seems to have everyone furiously checking every available option online before their purchase. Does this mean that the ‘shop around’ trend has finally permeated all industries?

Perhaps consumers are starting to realise, aided by the ease and speed of the internet, that sticking with what you know simply because you know it, isn’t the best way to get the most from purchases and services. In our own industry, we’ve seen ‘Brand Snobs’, sticking blindly to what they know because it’s comfortable. Are you satisfied with your current broadcast output, or is it just what you’re used to?

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By Abi Cramp


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