Hello Clerkenwell, You Look Fantastic

It’s a funny idea: ‘home’.

I get the feeling we think about this a bit more than your average group of colleagues, working as we do with everyone from property experts and construction companies to cleaning products and garden supply firms.

But in many ways, for me at least, it’s the campaigns that we work on which come slightly out of leftfield that really make you wonder what it is that awards a geometric arrangement of bricks and mortar with a place in our hearts. The ones where the ultimate question may be “why do we double glazing?” but the talking point is “why do we savour our time at home in winter?” or “do we protect anything more than where we live?”

So over the last seven years, we’ve come to a few conclusions about what turns a structure into a home.

Firstly, you probably don’t need me to tell you that context is everything. I mean, some people’s favourite spots are Rome, Paris or The Bahamas. Personally, I have the end barstool in my local and the West Stand at The Riverside Stadium. And while I wouldn’t describe either of them as scenes of universal triumph or satisfaction, they aren’t without their charms.

So this week, when we finally packed-up our ISDN lines and waved goodbye to Mason’s Arms Mews one last time and shipped it across town to Clerkenwell, the palpable sense of excitement was seasoned with a dash of nostalgia.

While none of us could possibly deny that 4mediarelations outgrew Mason’s Arms Mews and had to move onto pastures new, I can also say, personally, that I loved every second I spent there.

There were projects I worked on in that building that I will be telling my grandkids about, from helping EE get James Kingston the tiptoe across the Wembley Arch to Mr Motivator telling me: “I like the cut of your jib” while working with Ateronon.

Admittedly my future grandchildren may struggle to understand the cultural significance to a 90s child of meeting Mr Motivator, but I think the point stands.

The real upside of all this existential soul-searching and questioning everything under the sun (cheers, Atomik Research) is that it’s made me realise that the space between the office walls isn’t what makes you shun the snooze alarm every morning, it’s the people you find there.

And they, you’ll be delighted to hear, are still going to be there when you come and visit us in our new digs at 19 Hayward’s Place, Clerkenwell.

Masons Arms Mews was 4mediarelations 2008-2015, Hayward’s Place will be 4mediarelations 2.0: the place where we reach new heights, the broadcast PR industry changes forever and we achieve things that may previously have felt like pipe dreams.

As such, we felt like fresh surroundings deserved a fresh look, so you may notice that things are a little different around here.

But don’t worry: new surroundings, new website, same company, same ethos. Here’s to making a few more memories.

Feel free to pop in whenever you like.

by Jamie Stanley


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