Finding the perfect Work/Life Balance

If you’re like us at the 4media Group, the lead up to the festive season is one of your busiest times of the year and you’ve probably started to notice the project pile increasingly rapidly – as do your work hours. Perhaps you have had a particularly flat out year and as 2017 draws to a close you’re in need of a little TLC.

We know it’s hard to separate your personal and professional world and sometimes- you end up fixating over the job long after you have left the office and feel jaded or on the verge of burnout. If you relate to any of this, not to worry, we have some top tips to help you find the perfect work/life balance, not only to improve your general wellbeing but to also give your career that extra boost it may need what could be more important going into the New Year?

Work smarter, not longer

There seems to be this unknown authority that states you should work more, sleep less and push yourself to breaking-point when you should be resting. While overtime and the long hours in the office can often be necessary, it’s something worth questioning if it has become the norm (unless you quite enjoy being a bit of a workaholic or your contract states otherwise).

To combat this, arrange your day in a way that means you are prioritizing every second of your work day and making the most you can out of each hour. Prepare your diary the night before so when you arrive you can get straight down to it. Working in this way will mean that you need to be strict with yourself and how long you dedicate to each task, but when done properly you will start to notice the difference as you leave work without the guilt of “I should have worked on xxx” following you.

Flexible Working
Want to miss the rush hour commute? Get a jump on the Christmas shopping? Make the school run or make it to your gym class? Flexi hours make this possible. Here at the 4media-Group we have been trialling this system and we can say hands down it’s affected our office working life for the better. It now means that people can prioritize their life just as much as their work with a sense of freedom. While this might be feasible for everyone’s job roles, it’s something that might just benefit you in more ways than one.

Leave work at work

We are all guilty of it, you’re about to join a group of uni friends for happy hour cocktails and you happen to check your work emails. Suddenly your heart is in your mouth, you’re experiencing stress sweats and your collar is unnaturally tight. You feel the urge to tell the friends you keep rescheduling on that you’re going to have to bail (again) to focus on work OR you drag yourself along but can’t let your hair down while the stresses circle your mind.

Learn to switch off. If it’s a problem that can be resolved in the morning then push the power button on the computer and walk away. If it needs resolving immediately then do what you can but make a point of finding that clear divide of leaving work where it should be. At work.


Clearing your mind before the day begins is a great way to feel centred and refreshed before the chaos begins. Take as little as 5 minutes to an hour before you begin your morning to find your focus. Alternatively, take the same time just before you go to bed to clear your mind before a good night’s rest.

Sleep Better

Sleep is the most underrated medication for a better life. And it’s free. While there is always a debate on how much is enough, everyone is different and the main cause of burnout is lack of sleep. Not only will it improve your mood but your will feel more physically active, more mentally alert and your immune system will really benefit it! Turn your light on a low dimmer as you unwind before bed. Put your tech and anything with a “blue light away (this causes your brain to wake up), crack open a book and steer clear of caffeine.

Not only can you use this to work out your frustrations as your own personal source of therapy but when incorporated into your day, especially in the mornings, it will kick-start your energy first thing for you to carry into the rest of the day. Whether your preference is working up a sweat or something a little less intense like yoga, your body needs looking after just as much as your time.

Meal Prep
Meal prep can really turn your day around. Not only are you more likely to have a healthier alternative, which will fuel you through the day, but it will also save you from eating on the run. Remember your food is what fuels you through the work day so make sure it’s a good choice.

Reward yourself

New pair of shoes? Glass of wine? Book that holiday? It’s important to reward yourself at the end of a job well done for the effort you have put it and for something to look forward to. You give your colleagues the pat on the back/ high five but remember you deserve it just as much as anyone too.



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