Dream Toys 2015

Christmas before December is a great-divider – you’re either the kind of person who throws themselves, shoddy jumper first, into the festivity of it all or you “Bah, humbug!” your way up until about 23rd December. Fortunately, we at 4mediarelations are in the former camp.

Which is why we take such pleasure in a campaign like ‘Dream Toys’, where, on behalf of the Toy Retailers Association, we inform the nation (and Santa Claus, of course) what the kids of Great Britain will be clamouring for this time round.

The well of nostalgic emotion that the best toys can generate in kids and big kids alike is always well-worth tapping into, specifically with old favourites such as Thunderbirds and Star Wars reappearing this year.

Judging by the broadcast outlets that covered not only the ‘Top 12’ list, but the extensively planned out reveal event at St. Mary’s Church in Marylebone, there are quite a few big kids out there in the broadcasting world.

The media team at 4mediarelations ensured representatives from the Toy Retailers Association were speaking to 17 of the UK’s biggest BBC and commercial radio stations, including Sky News Radio, BBC Radio Merseyside, BBC Radio Newcastle and Northern Ireland’s Downtown Radio. There were also TV appearances on BBC Breakfast, ITV’s Good Morning Britain and London Live.

We’re very sure the toys were well played with, despite there being no children working for any of the outlets that took us up on this story. Such is the enduring power of memory and nostalgia, which, when featured as a strong part of a campaign, will inevitably get even the most hardened broadcast and newspaper journalists pining for the Millennium Falcon in their mum’s attic.

By Stuart Buchanan


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