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The word of broadcast is constantly evolving and changing. This where we cut to the heart of what’s making the industry tick in 2015.


#McWhopperProposal is a Virtuoso Display of PR Manoeuvring

28th August 2015

“In dismissing Burger King’s olive branch out-of-hand via an official statement, McDonald’s gave the impression of a disgruntled ex-player walking onto the pitch during a charity football match, sticking a pin in the ball and then walking off.”

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25th August 2015

With such a staggering number of people blurting and scanning their way through 140 character opinions every day, it’s no surprise that PR companies are utilising hashtags in their campaigns.

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Trust: The Foundation of PR

19th August 2015

“To build strong relationships there needs to be a basis of trust and breaking this trust can be extremely detrimental to future opportunities”

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An Underdog with a Strong Left Hook: Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s PR War

18th August 2015

For a man who has dedicated much of his political life to campaigns against armed conflict, Jeremy Corbyn is a skilled PR warrior.

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Digital Age Outrage: Cecil the Lion and Online Awareness

4th August 2015

In 2015, online public shaming is nothing new. But even in this day and age, the collective campaign of keyboard warfare that the internet community has waged against American dentist Dr Walter Palmer has, objectively, been something to behold. For the small number of readers who are unaware, Dr Palmer is alleged to have shot…

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Are you a PR or a Contact?

23rd July 2015

A background in music plugging set me up for a career in broadcast PR, but they are by no means the same thing. I’ve found that what really helps with any story, just as with a new record, is if you care about it yourself or believe you are providing something of value; then it is the most natural thing in the world to extoll its virtues.

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8th July 2015

See what happened when we decided to pay a few friends a visit and hand out some presents on the hottest Friday of the year.

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Hello Clerkenwell, You Look Fantastic

3rd July 2015

It’s a funny idea: ‘home’. I get the feeling we think about this a bit more than your average group of colleagues.

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We’re Moving!

11th June 2015

We are delighted to announce that on Friday 26th June, the 4media Group of Companies, including 4mediarelations, will relocate from our Mayfair HQ to a brand new facility in London’s Clerkenwell.

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4mediarelations Announces Continued PR Week Awards Partnership

11th June 2015

4mediarelations are delighted to announce our continued partnership with the PRWeek Awards, following-on from our successful sponsorship of the Best Integrated Campaign category in 2014.

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4mediarelations appoints Darren Ryan as Associate Director

11th June 2015

4mediarelations are delighted to announce the appointment of Darren Ryan as its new Associate Director, bringing 15 years of valuable PR experience to the London based agency.

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Apple Watch could be a PR Game-Changer

16th April 2015

Over the last 10-20 years, the distance between broadcasters and their key audiences and demographics has gradually eroded, worn down and washed away by an ever-rising flood of technological advancement and an unquenchable thirst for information and content.

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PRCA Launches ’30 Day’ PR Payment Campaign

8th April 2015

In last month’s Budget announcement the coalition government unveiled plans to clamp down on late payments by extending the Prompt Payment Code, aiming to make 30-day payment terms the standard, with 60 days the new maximum limit.

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Serial Provides Food for Thought for UK Radio Outlets

14th February 2015

Radio 4 Extra’s recent decision to dedicate daily airtime to US podcast Serial proves that its long list of impressive radio innovations shows no sign of abating. For the uninitiated, Serial is the brainchild of US broadcasters WBEZ, in Chicago. Each week, investigative journalist Sarah Koenig reveals another slice of her journey through the 1999…

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NFL Returns to Wembley

26th September 2014

The NFL returns to Wembley on Sunday in one of three games to be played on British soil this year. The renowned Miami Dolphins take on California’s Oakland Raiders at Wembley this weekend and we had Raiders legend and broadcaster Lincoln Kennedy in the 4mediarelations studio to discuss the upcoming games and sports tourism.

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