World Travel Market 2015

We were the official broadcast partner of WTM 2015 for a third time, securing over 300 items of broadcast coverage

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Making a Spoiler

Netflix’s ‘Making a Murderer’ has set the internet ablaze with the story of Wisconsin resident Steven A. Avery, Stuart Buchanan looks into why it’s a prime example of a changing conversation culture.

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Broadcast. Distilled.

Stuart Buchanan profiles our recent successful campaign with Chase Distillery, which featured an appearance on 'The One Show'

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James Kingston Walks the Wembley Arch for EE

4mediarelations runs live broadcast interviews from Wembley Stadium to mark the release of the world's first 4G-enabled camera

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What Can Football Teach Brand Builders?

Jamie Stanley investigates how Premier League clubs build their brand and foster support

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4mediarelations is one of the UK’s leading broadcast consultancies, working with direct clients and PR agencies to produce creative, innovative and penetrative broadcast campaigns for TV, radio and online media.

Dream Toys 2015

5th November 2015

On behalf of the Toy Retails Association, we informed the nation (and Santa Claus, of course) what the kids of Great Britain will be clamouring for this time round.

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Reputation, Rumour and Reaction Management: The Dark Arts of PR

29th September 2015

Moving from the initial sniggerful puns and farmyard innuendos, the last two weeks have shown that one of the oldest and most destructive weapons in the PR arsenal is as potent as ever: the power of rumour.

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6th October 2015

Revitalise are a charity who have provided respite care for those with disabilities in the UK for more than 50 years.

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BroadView and StoryBuild Agency Join 4media Group of Companies

15th September 2015

4mediarelations are thrilled to announce the permanent addition of BroadView & The Story Build Agency.

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PS4 Live Launch

22nd June 2015

4mediarelations broadcast gaming history live on Friday 29th November as the PlayStation 4 was launched in Covent Garden in spectacular fashion.

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#McWhopperProposal is a Virtuoso Display of PR Manoeuvring

28th August 2015

"In dismissing Burger King’s olive branch out-of-hand via an official statement, McDonald’s gave the impression of a disgruntled ex-player walking onto the pitch during a charity football match, sticking a pin in the ball and then walking off."

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